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Name: Aman Dhillon
Position: President
Contact Email: andoverjatti@gmail.com
Bio: I am a Junior at WSU majoring in Health Science. My goal is to get my masters in Health Administration so I can effect major changes in our healthcare system. I love working with our local philanthropy, Envision, particulary going to the weekly Art Club working with children with visual impairments. My hobbies include watching Bollywood movies, yoga, and cooking!
Name: Taylor Peck
Position: Vice President Foundation
Contact Email: taylor_peck29@hotmail.com
Bio: When I grow up I want to be a Speech Language Pathologist. I love to work with children of all ages and my favorite time of the year is Heather’s Camp! My current addictions include, mexican food, green tea, and binge watching Law and Order: SVU. I love Justin Timberlake almost as much as I love our philanthropy…almost, and that’s a lot.
Name: Gracie Palmer
Position: Vice President Social Standards
Contact Email: cassidi.grace.palmer@gmail.com
Bio: I am the VP: Social Standards and am responsible for maintaining and promoting positive chapter morale. My position also encourages sisters to uphold and live out the high values of Delta Gamma. I am majoring in nursing and will be starting the program in the Fall of 2014. Whenever I have free time, I like to cuddle with my dog, watch Grey's Anatomy and cheer on the shox!
Name: Shelby Verble
Position: Vice President Membership
Contact Email: shelby.verble@aol.com
Bio: My name is Shelby Verble. I want to teach in an elementary school so I can be around children all day every day. I drink way too much coffee and watch too much netflix. Recruitment is my favorite time of the year and I love Bid Day more than Christmas.
Name: Erin Loyd
Position: Vice President Member Education
Contact Email: erin.loyd@aol.com
Bio: I am a sophomore. I love people, places, and things. You will know me as an amateur movie critic, aspiring world traveler, and occasional hippie.
Name: Natalie Kuhlmann
Position: Vice President Programming
Contact Email: natkuhlmann00@gmail.com
Bio: My name is Natalie, but my friends call me Nat! My favorite things include black iced tea and Law and Order. I'm studying to be an RN and want to be a midwife and help mamas deliver millions of screaming babies. My position is the greatest of them all because I get to overlook our sisterhood and keep our chapter's morale fun and loving!
Name: Annie Adams
Position: Vice President Panhellenic
Contact Email:
Bio: My favorite thing about being Panhellenic is making new friends! In the wise words of Joey from Full House, "Friends are like jello. There's always room for more."
Name: Taylor Oakes
Position: Vice President Finance
Contact Email: troakes@wichita.edu
Bio: I'm a biology major and want to be a family doctor when I grow up. I'm from Fredonia, KS (home of the Yellowjackets). I enjoy playing intramurals.My doodles in my notebook are of anchors or acorns.
Name: Carley Larson
Position: Vice President Communication
Contact Email: carleylarson3@gmail.com
Bio: I am a freshman pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering who hopes to one day work for NASA. I am a member of Student Ambassadors Society and am a Dean's Scholar.
Name: Alyssa Adkins
Position: Director of Electronic Communication
Contact Email: amadkins@wichita.edu
Bio: It's my job to run this handy dandy website as well as other DG social media! My hobbies include taking selfies with my cat, singing to my steering wheel, and smiling. I am honored to be a Delta Gee!
Name: Ali Bontrager
Position: Director of Alumnae Relations
Contact Email: abontra@gmail.com
Bio: I was born and raised in Junction City, KS if you know any nicknames or rumors of this forsaken place just forget them entirely because I nearly broke all stereotypes. I love to be around new people because that is when you have the best conversations. I love talking, knitting, volunteering, cooking, pretty much anything that ends in –ing that keeps me busy and not sitting! I am not very partial to history, flowers, dirty rooms and scary movies. I am a member of the short hair club and currently have a Little in Big Brother, Big Sisters
Name: Alyssa Goodman
Position: Director of Lectureship
Contact Email: alyssann10@yahoo.com
Bio: This year I had the honor to be the Director of Lectureship! I love running, coffee, and long walks on the beach. I love being a Delta Gamma!
Name: Rachel Lee
Position: Director of Activities
Contact Email: rachelee@cox.net
Bio: Hi! I'm Rachel Lee and I am Director of Activities. My position includes organizing and scheduling all intramural games for our DG chapter. I love sports and participating in all of the games is awesome! My favorites are basketball and volleyball, and although I'd never played soccer before, its definitely in my top three. A few of my favorite things to do are hunting and fishing (really anything outdoors), road trips, attending WSU athletic events, and of course hanging out with all of my amazing DG sisters! I also love pizza,wings,chocolate cake, and a good burger. I am a Physical Education major and hope to one day be a high school P.E. teacher and coach volleyball and/or basketball.
Name: Kelsey Arpin
Position: Director of Sisterhood
Contact Email:
Bio: Hey ya'll, I'm the director of sisterhood. I plan fun events for the girls in our chapter to come to and bond with one another. I'm also an outdoor, crafting, and movie enthusiast. I love Delta Gamma and all that it's brought to my life. Going greek was the best decision I have made since coming to college!
Name: Vanessa Dimmen
Position: Director of Special Events
Contact Email: vanessadimmen@yahoo.com
Bio: HI I'm Vanessa, I'n director of special events and essentially what I do is plan mixers with other fraternities and sororities to help increase greek unity!! We do things such as picture quests, bowling, movie nights, gingerbread house building, and other great events. Mixers are a great way to meet other people with similar interests as you. I also get to plan mom's day and dad's day, which is an opportunity for our parents to see the house, meet other parents, and stay involved with our lives as greek members! About me, I like cows, I like to nerd out watching HP and LOTR, I'm going to school to become a pharmacist and I love meeting new people :)
Name: Alexis Fisher
Position: Director of Rituals
Contact Email: lexie.fisher16@gmail.com
Bio: My name is Alexis but you can call me Lexie. I am a lover of diet coke, books, and classic rock. I also love Delta Gamma and it's ritual with my whole heart and am working to make our fantastic sisterhood even better!
Name: Kaitlyn Martin
Position: Director of Social Awareness
Contact Email: kaitlynjmartin12@gmail.com
Bio: My name is Kaitlyn Martin and I am a thrilled to hold a position in the house! I recently moved here to Wichita this past summer from Heyworth, Illinois and am loving every minute of it! I plan to get my bachelors in Business Management and someday open a business. I'm so glad I joined Delta Gamma and hope to continue to grow within the house! ITB
Name: Alex Michler
Position: Director of Scholarship
Contact Email: anmichler@wichita.edu
Bio: My name is Alex Michler and I am the director of scholarships! YAY! Im a sophomore nursing major, I love horses, especially mine her name is sweet pea! I work at Deano's and I am obsessed with taking pictures of my dogs, Layla and Zoey. Follow me on instagram if you love small dog photos and some occasional horse videos @amichler! :)
Name: Micaela Haig
Position: Director of New Members
Contact Email:
Bio: I am a sophomore in Delta Gamma and my major is Early Childhood Education. My goal is to be a teacher for deaf and blind children. One of my favorite things to do is travel and I went to Haiti for spring break 2014. Helping others is my passion. Some of my other favorite things are the beach, Italian food, and my pug named Maxwell.
Name: Lyndsey Roman
Position: Director of House Management
Contact Email: lkroman@wichita.edu
Bio: Lyndsey is a junior at WSU, she is also a junior at Mississippi State University. She is double majoring in Broadcast Communication and Broadcast Meteorology, as well as minoring in Spanish. Lyndsey enjoys reading, writing and photography.
Name: Zoey Green
Position: Director of Crews
Contact Email: zoeygreen33@gmail.com
Bio: My name is Zoey Green and I am Director of Crews! I create and manage the crews we have set up in the chapter. Joining Delta Gamma was one of the best decisions I ever made. I love the philanthropy and all my beautiful sisters. One interesting thing about me is that I am obsessed with turtles! My intended major is Elementary Education; teaching is my passion and I cannot wait until I am in the classroom full time. I try to live everyday to the fullest and hope to be a positive influence on not only the youth, but also other adults I interact with.
Name: Ali Johnston
Position: Director of Chapter Archives
Contact Email: aliiison523@gmail.com
Bio: I'm a sophomore studying elementary education. The love of my life is Fred VanVleet. I enjoy long walks to the vending machine and macaroni and cheese. I'm Director of Archives which means I get to craft. A lot. Becoming a DG was the smartest decision I have ever made! I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you! Go SHOX!!!
Name: Jenny Gerlach
Position: Director Recruitment Records
Contact Email: jegerlach@wichita.edu
Bio: I like Taylor Swift and Grey's Anatomy. I make sure all the recruitment records are organized.
Name: Maddie Manda
Position: Director of Public Relations
Contact Email: maddiemanda@gmail.com
Bio: I'm a senior studying International Business & Spanish. Last semester I was lucky enough to study abroad in Barcelona! My hobbies are drinking Diet Coke, hanging out with my dogs, and instagramming/twittering/facebooking for my favorite organization in the world: Delta Gamma!
Name: Mackenzie Augustin
Position: Director of Campus Tradition
Contact Email: kenzie.augustin@gmail.com
Bio: Hippodrome and Songfest director. Senior at Wichita State, Freshman in Delta Gamma. Former cheerleader, dancer and musical theater performer at Kansas Wesleyan University. Currently interning at a local TV station in a show called ShopTalk.Majoring in Communication- Electronic Media and minoring in dance and music.
Name: Amanda Johnson
Position: Director of Funds
Contact Email: ajx132@gmail.com
Bio: Hi! My name is Amanda Johnson I am a freshman pursuing a degree in Finance and Economics. Currently, I am the Director of Funds for our chapter. I am highly involved on campus through Student Ambassadors Society, Barton International Group and of course Delta Gamma! I enjoy boba milk tea, scenic views and wild adventures.
Name: Tram Ngo
Position: Director of Social Events
Contact Email: tqno13@gmail.com
Bio: Hello hello! My name is Tram Ngo, pronounced kind of like Trom No :) I am Delta Gamma's 2014 Honor Board Member At-Large and Director of Social Events! I LOVE planning social events to get everyone together and have a good time. I'm always up for artsy fartsy crafts and playing/cheering people on in sports! And if theres anything I can't shut up about it, it's Wichita State and my admiration for Delta Gamma. Keep Calm and Sail On :)
Name: Kayla Basham
Position: Director of Recruitment/COB
Contact Email: kbashxx@yahoo.com
Bio: My name is Kayla! I enjoy Mexican food, spending time with my canine child, and long walks on the beach. I assist Shelby with all things recruitment. Recruitment is the most wonderful time of the year! Nothing beats the feeling of welcoming sisters into their new home.
Name: Leslie Rausch
Position: Director of Anchor Splash
Contact Email: lrausch12@aol.com
Bio: Hi, I'm Leslie Rausch and a proud member of Delta Gamma at Wichita State. I currently hold the Director of Anchor Splash position and couldn't be any more excited about it! I am an exercise science major applying for Physical Therapy school in the fall. I enjoy movies, crafts, games, watching and playing sports, school, a good laugh, and a nice home-cooked meal. DG has offered me many opportunities that I never would have had previously and has opened so many doors in my life and I am so thankful for all the wonderful people I have met along the way.
Name: Camille Adams
Position: Director of Anchor Bash
Contact Email: cbadams@wichita.edu
Bio: I'm Camille Adams, director of Anchor Bash. I'm in charge of the get together at our chapter following Anchor Splash. This covers food, raffles, and socializing among the DG girls, Envision kids, and all the spectators. The months before the event I'm busy getting companies together to donate to the event whether being food, prizes, or money to put it on and raise funds for service for sight. When not working on my position, I'm spending my time relaxing by watching movies and playing board games with my family and friends. I spend all my extra time drinking diet coke and cuddling with my dog Button.

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